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Kingston Mosque Update

Assalum alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Following on from our previous update of 2nd of March, we can confirm that the trial has concluded and the order of the judge has been sealed. The Court has ruled unequivocally in favour of the KMA Board of Trustees.

  • The Injunction against the two defendants has been confirmed and extended until June 5th 2032
  • This injunction prohibits the defendants from

a) Entering the mosque and it’s environs (including the carpark).
b) Directly or indirectly communicating with our Operations Manager.
c) Publishing any material created for the litigation or contained in the hearing bundles, by any means.

  • The defendants have been ordered to pay KMA costs totalling £92,400. The KMA will seek to recover those costs from the Defendants if they are not forthcoming.

This has been an unfortunate but necessary legal action by the KMA BoT against those who sought to harm the KMA and harass its staff. The Board of Trustees will always do whatever is necessary to fulfil its responsibility of protecting the mosque and its staff.

We will now turn our full attention to more positive initiatives which are beneficial to the congregation and community.

May Allah guide us and make it easy for us all. Aameen

KMA Board of Trustees