Ramadan 2021 – 1442AH

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Ramadan 2021 – 1442AH

Ramadan protocol


  1. Sisters are also welcome to attend the prayers, including isha and taraweh.
  2. Maintain social distancing – on entry and exit.
  3. Wear a face mask.
  4. Bring your own prayer mat.
  5. Bring your bag to place your shoes. Shoe racks are sealed and not to be used.
  6. For Iftar – bring your own dates. A bottle of water will be provided to each individual. Please do not hand out or bring dates for the congregation.
  7. Food container per attendee will be handed out at exit after Magrib Salah (do not congregate outside).
  8. Mosque will be closed thereafter. It will reopen 15 minutes before isha.
  9. Limited bathroom facilities will be available for Taraweh ONLY. Please do wudhu at home
  10. Please leave quietly and do not congregate outside after prayers.

Isha Salaah & Taraweeh’s is by reservation only.

A maximum number of 2 is allowed per booking and can be booked for 2 days in advance. Please go to www.prayerslots.co.uk to reserve your place for Isha Salaah. Please note:

  1. No children under the age of 12 are allowed inside the mosque (isha and taraweh)
  2. Doors will be closed when capacity is reached.
  3. Those wishing to pray Isha salaah only – mussallis will be requested to use the side extension hall and exit using the door and alleyway straight ahead.
  4. For those wishing to pray Isha and 8 Rakats – mussallis are requested to use the rear two halls and exit using the side alleyway
  5. For those praying Isha and the 20 Rakats are requested to pray in the front area of the mosque and use all exits on leaving. The masjid will close 15-20 minutes thereafter.

Thank you for your understanding.

Board of Trustees,
Kingston Muslim Association.