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Kingston Mosque Update

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

We hope this finds you in the best state of health and Imaan.

During the last few months of the previous board’s tenure, they had to deal with several disruptive and intimidatory actions orchestrated by a small select group of our congregants. These were of varying levels of seriousness and included an attempt to take control of the masjid premises by looking to change the locks and a serious physical assault on an elderly member of staff.

The assault resulted in a criminal conviction for the individual concerned. This was appealed in the Crown court but the sentence was upheld and the litigant was given a 2 year suspended custodial sentence. In addition, for the protection of the staff who was assaulted and harassed, the Board took out an interim injunction against two individuals, one of whom has the suspended sentence awarded. The 2 individuals applied to the court, to strike out the injunction on various grounds including misuse of public funds.

The court rejected the strike out application and awarded costs to the KMA Board who are in the process of recovering the costs from the defendants. At the strike out hearing the presiding judge instructed that both parties mediate to resolve the matter and share equally, the costs of the mediation.

The Board for their part are keen to mediate on a basis whereby our staff are protected from any form of abuse and our property is protected from damage. Should there not be satisfactory resolution, the matter would be adjudicated upon in the Crown Court.

Our legal representatives are in the process of finding an independent, and ideally pro bono, mediator that has no past or current connection with the mosque or the Kingston Muslim Community.

The Board of Trustees would like to emphasise that, as a Board, we take our Duty of care to all staff, congregants and visitors, very seriously. We will do whatever necessary to protect, primarily, our staff and others who fall under our Duty of care, from any form of intimidation or abuse, from any quarter. Also, as custodians of the properties owned by our charity, we will take strong action against anyone who engages in, directly or indirectly, causing willful damage to them.

KMA Board