Announcement of KMA Election Officers

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Announcement of KMA Election Officers

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Raheem

Announcement of KMA Election Officers

The KMA wishes to draw to your attention that the following Election Officers were appointed by its
members at the 2022 KMA Annual General Meeting* to oversee the forthcoming elections for the
Management Committee and Board of Trustees:

  • Mr Mohammed Saleemuddin Quazi
  • Mr Anjum Ahmad
  • Mr Salim Khan

Next steps
The above Election Officers have humbly accepted their appointment and have commenced their
planning for the elections. Further details will be announced in due course.

The Election Officers have asked that anybody who wishes to check their KMA membership status
ahead of the elections should contact the mosque office or Board of Trustees at

If you have any questions for the Election Officers about the election process, you may contact them
directly at

Yours sincerely
KMA Board of Trustees – 13 September 2022

*The 2022 KMA AGM held on the 4 September was at a quorate with 48 members in attendance. 44 of those 48 members voted for the appointment of the above Election Officers.